Directions for use:

** Do no apply any topical medication to the eye or perform any manipulation to the eye before  performing this test**

Position patient in examining chair with head securely against a headrest.  Examination room lights should be dimmed.  Carefully open strips according to the directions.  While patient looks up, gently rest the rounded end of the strip on the lower temporal lid margin of the eye, making sure the strip fits snugly.  Wait for 5 minutes, then remove the strip and record the distance of the moistened area.

Product / Schirmer Test Strip

Schirmer Test Strip

Diagnostic ophthalmic sterile strips, individually wrapped, scaled for easy reading and recording.  Helps measuring the amount of tear production.


  • Normal                   25 mm - 30 mm
  • Dry                          11 mm - 15 mm
  • Mild Dryness           6 mm - 10 mm
  • Moderate Dryness  2 mm -  5 mm
  • Severe Dryness        0 mm - 1 mm

*15 mm is within the normal limit